Safety, security and "future proofing" is paramount in these modern times!

Due to the rapid speed in which the internet, software, computers, devices and technology are all constantly changing and evolving, it is a necessity that we provide all websites with monthly monitoring, maintenance and security checks.

All sites are checked on a regular basis to make sure the latest software and plugins are in place and that we are implementing the latest and highest standards available to your site.

We will happily transfer your website to GoWebben hosting for free, making it easier to manage and keep up with security.

Why? I want To Know More.


It is mainly a security measure, as the internet & software progresses, new versions of certain elements (similar to computer updates) require attention and updating to minimise security breaches.

Cross Browser/Device Compatibility

As browser software, computer hardware and devices change, we need to make sure that your site is compatible with any new technology making it viewable and user friendly for all of your users whether they are using a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone with any of the many different operating systems and web browsers available today.

Closer Relationship With Us

Another great aspect is that it keeps you, your website and GoWebben a little closer together, allowing us to keep a keen eye on your site, and furthermore make suggestions when we feel your site may be due for a light overhaul or a total re-build.

What do I get?

When you first sign up, we offer a FREE transfer of your site to our servers!

Then we make sure your site is using the latest standards, increasing security and safety while improving performance and efficiency.

On-going maintenance involves keeping your site and software up to date on a regular basis, keeping backups and removing vulnerabilities.

We keep a close eye on the technical side of your site, so you don't have to!

You get peace of mind in knowing that your site is up to date and running at it's most functional and efficient rate while keeping security measures at the forefront.

The Price, What Will It Cost Me?

You get all of the services offered in this great package starting from only $54.17 per month (when you choose annual billing).

To make it easy, we set you up with an account, add your package and you can opt to setup automatic payments - set and forget.

Introductory first year offer Save up to $149 by using code: 82KY9CTQHU during check out... EASY!

What If I Am An Existing Customer?

If you are an existing client, we strongly suggest that you jump on board and take part in this program as it is highly beneficial to the well-being of your website and will keep it as "future proof" as possible.

As an existing and valued client of ours, we would like to offer you this package with the added bonus security measures pack, absolutely free!

On top of the awesome discounts, we will also install our core security measures pack for free (usually $129), giving you the peace of mind that your site is safe and protected from the latest security breaches and hackers while we get any notifications and deal with them appropriately. We want you to focus on your business!