Founder, Code Monkey

Tinkering with computers from a young age (and playing the original Leisure Suit Larry) eventually grew into a passion for web design after being introduced to HTML and CSS by a friend in 2008 when looking to build a page for affiliate marketing.

Before long, the natural passion for learning triggered countless hours of study and experimentation in all aspects of web design. The web and coding for the web had a bigger impact than the original plan to do marketing.

Currently in love with WordPress and having started GoWebben to fulfil the day to day need to code, Ben spends his time writing code, learning and socialising with family and friends.

Graphic Designer, Digital Genius

Officially a graduate of the fine arts with a degree in graphic design.

But throw that out the fast moving window (into a recycle bin of course), as Baz prides himself on learning more from his connection to the visual world, where everything from shadows and perception has tempted his thirst.

Often fueled by slight OCD, his eye for detail and love of all things geometric are represented through his bold intelligent design.

In his off time you can find him at the local sushi bar, riding his bike or hitting the beach on one of his custom boards.

Illustrator, Graphic Designer

Paul believes that great design must support functionality and vice versa.

He enjoys the challenge to present design in such a way as to support the information it presents.

It is this philosophy along with his creative abilities that make him a vital part of the GoWebben family.

When he’s not immersed in design, Paul also enjoys exploring the vast retail landscape for the perfect hat.

Promotional / Printing

Trust Jess when it comes to promotional items like coasters, posters, lighters, balloons, cutlery sleeves and more.

With years of experience working directly in the sales and promotional departments of big printing companies, she is the perfect person to organise your traditional advertising for any event or purpose.

Jess’ passion for making things beautiful has extended into the digital world and helping businesses get their brand looking amazing in the public eye.

When Jess isn’t working she enjoys playing poker, relaxing on the beach and spending time with Benbodhi. She also really loves rabbits.

The Marketing Monkeys
Advertising / Marketing

A wise group of 15 marketing maniacs, all eagerly tapping away at building your presence and exposure.

With experience in all sectors of modern advertising and marketing, they’ve got you covered when it comes to “getting you out there”.

Working from offices in Australia and the US, extensive local knowledge of the markets comes naturally.

When not marketing for you, they are (sitting in hot springs) thinking how to best market for you 😉


Mark was born with a passion for photography which is demonstrated in his ability to capture imagery while the subject matter is in it’s natural form.

He expresses himself through his vision, never letting up when it comes to chasing the perfect photograph.

Extending from his natural habitat, Mark now offers his amazing talent to GoWebben clients.

Whether products, portraits, job sites or anything else you may need photographed, he can capture the essence of your business.

When Mark’s not taking photos, he’s travelling to take photos. “No time for social media, gotta go get this photo”.

What do you do?

GoWebben has become a diverse offering, allowing us to help businesses in every aspect possible rather than just providing a single service.

In this nature, we are always looking out for opportunities to expand, adding richness to the company and ultimately being able to offer our clients anything they ask for.

We love helping our clients achieve their goals and this is possible with experts from a number of fields.

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